if i got rid of my demons, i'd lose my angels

450 voodoo dolls, thread, ball point pins, leaves

9.5 ft x 15.3 ft x 35 ft


The quote "if i got rid of my demons, i'd lose my angels", attributed to Tennessee Williams, resonated with me after spending time in New Orleans in 2015.  You can't miss the references to voodoo while in New Orleans - it being one of the main hubs that Haitians brought their spiritual beliefs and practices called Vodou.  The dolls in this installation symbolize demons or angels.  It is up to the viewer to decide.  It has been left ambiguous, as the quote alludes to the fact that one may need 'demons' in order to have 'angels'.  Tennessee Williams lived in New Orleans for over 40 years, and fought many demons throughout his life.  Some say he never fully escaped his demons . . .